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What I've Built

The Quiz

The client was leading a training seminar for the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She wanted to use a quiz to increase audience engagement. I created a site where the host could control when the quiz would advance to the next question to allow for discussion time between questions and to ensure no participants could finish the quiz prematurely.

The site linked below contains dummy questions rather than the original quiz since the client's organization owns the original questions and answers. When trying it out, have a single instance of the host controls site open along with however many instances of the participant site as you want open. In the host controls, "Start" may be pressed once at the beginning to start the quiz, "Stop" ends the timer for the current question, and "Reset" resets the entire quiz.

Node   JavaScript   MongoDB   Tailwind   WebSockets

Inner Delve - The Tarot Journal

A tarot reading site that helps you interpret the cards and lets you save your readings so you can go back to review your journey.

Node   JavaScript   MongoDB   Tailwind

Chaos Shopper

A chrome extension that brings a bit of chaos to online shopping. Adds a button to product pages on supported shopping websites such as Amazon and Shein. Clicking the button will randomly either put the product into the shopping cart so the user can buy it or closes the tab so the user can't. Users can set the likelihood of buying/not buying products.

React   TypeScript   Sass

Skills & Tools